Project Unconscious

| creative computing
| interactive installation 
| public engagement 
| data 
| textile

Today’s world, the advance in technology have allowed people to communicate with each other on virtual space very easily. People share their thoughts, stories, opinions, pictures, and all things that they want to show. It is possible to talk to people from different places and countries and keep in touch with them. Furthermore, over the years, Facebook, Google, Instagram, and YouTube became huge companies with power. With the accounts of those social media, it is very fast and easy to sign up to other websites. So, having an account for these social media makes things convenient.

But what do these companies do with the tremendous data people put in? They actually keep people’s personal data and use it for analysing and keep track of how people behave online. People agreed on the terms and conditions without noticing and became the targets for online advertisements.

Data, especially personal Data is very important to people. But do people try to protect their own privacy?

‘Project Unconscious’ features the collection of a program and the actual product. The program is designed to induce the behaviour of how people actually act on online platform and perceive how unconscious they were. People can later collect their privacy.

The objects (bag and pouch) are designed to show the contradiction between people’s need of privacy(data) and the public action they do in the virtual space.

How often do you give your information without noticing?

How is YOUR data?